Sunsetting Shopify Product Reviews

The decision to sunset the Shopify Product Reviews app marks a significant change for thousands of merchants relying on this application to gather customer feedback and build trust within their online stores. Why is Shopify Closing Down the Product Reviews App? For a long time, the Shopify Product Reviews app has been a trusted tool for e-commerce businesses, making it easy to collect and display customer reviews on their websites. However, with technology advancing and customer needs evolving, Shopify has decided to discontinue support for this app. By focusing on more advanced review solutions and integrations, Shopify aims to give its users better tools for managing customer feedback and boosting sales. What Does This Mean for Merchants? For merchants currently using the Shopify Product Reviews app, this news might raise concerns about how to handle customer reviews in the future. But don’t worry! Shopify has assured its users that they’ll have plenty of time to switch to alternative review solutions before the app is retired in May. Shopify suggests exploring alternative review apps available on the Shopify App Store, many of which offer more features and customisation options. This is a chance for merchants to evaluate their review needs and choose a solution that fits their business goals.
Your Migration Checklist

1. Research and Choose an Alternative Product Review App:

  • There are several alternative product review apps on the Shopify App Store.
  • Shopify has teamed up with five apps to help with migration:, Loox, Okendo,, and Yotpo.
2. Install the Chosen Product Review App:
  • Once you’ve found an alternative app, install it from the Shopify App Store.
3. Export Existing Product Reviews:
  • In the Shopify Product Reviews app export your current product reviews.
  • Keep a safe copy of the exported data .
4. Import Product Reviews to the New App:
  • Use the import feature in your chosen product review app. See those partnered with Shopify above.
  • Look at the app’s instructions or ask for help from you web developer to import your reviews smoothly.
  • Follow the steps given by the app provider to make the transition easy.
5. Confirm Review Migration Success:
  • Check your online store to see if your imported reviews are showing up correctly.
  • Make sure customers can see the imported reviews on product pages.
6. Uninstall the Shopify Product Reviews App:
  • Once you’re sure that your reviews have been successfully moved to the new app, uninstall the Shopify Product Reviews app.
  • Remove the app from your Shopify dashboard to avoid any confusion.
Although the news about Shopify sunsetting the Product Reviews app might cause some worries at first, it also gives merchants a chance to explore more advanced review solutions that can better support their business goals. By planning ahead and checking out the different review apps available, merchants can keep building trust with customers and boosting sales through authentic reviews. As the world of e-commerce keeps changing, Shopify is committed to giving merchants the tools they need to succeed. By embracing change and trying out new technologies, merchants can keep ahead of the game and keep their customers happy with great shopping experiences.