Complete overhaul of the website for a cosmetic surgery clinic in Harley Street, the original site was confusing to navigate and search did not work, the pages were not uniform and each of the over 100 pages had a different design. The challenge was to create a site map to organise and list all the pages and then recreate each page in a more uniform way.

As the site was a clinical site, I stuck to their original colours and kept the design simple and not too flashy. The hero image slideshow was replaced with a hero video as the clinic had lots of videos showcasing their staff and various services. From this a video gallery was created.

Both search pages and 404 pages that worked were created.

The biggest changes were to the organisation and structure which were mostly reflected n the navigation which was much smoother. On the treatment pages flip boxes were enable d to allow the viewer to see information on what each treatment was so that pinnaplasty was easily explained as ear correction surgery and vice versa.

Before and after image sliders were placed on the individual treatment pages as well as