May 2022


Another site built for the Purely Natural Brand. Moved from an older WordPress Site. The site told more of the salons story. Details all the pricing and treatments. The logo was updated and the colour scheme complimented that of the Purely Natural by Anastasia Site

Previous Site

The previous site was functional and allowed the clients to book appointments. The clients main brief was to modernise the site and give it a more trendy look. I did this with animation and colour transitions on the buttons. Also adding a story to the site along with a more interactive way to look at Anastasia’s accomplishments. Another point she made was that it was difficult for people to find her store and book appointments so throughout the store and on almost every page there is the option to book an appointment and the maps, address and social media are seen on most pages, giving the clients multiple ways to get in touch.

New Site Build

As well as the ability to take payments at a later date, the site will allow clients to book their appointments at the salon. You can visit this site at

Here is a video of the site for you to see more.

The purely natural brand also showcases African art at I also built this site for the Purely Natural Brand, using a simple Shopify theme to compliment the gorgeous artwork. All artwork is available to buy at the salon

Another site built for the Purely Natural Brand.

Purely Natural By Anastasia was created by Anastasia Chikezie who has been in the hair care business for over 30 years. The site was built for her new range of Natural Hair Products and Wooden combs, the newest addition being the her creation for braids and locs: Wuud Piks.

Sliders for the testimonials on the homepage and the ingredients list on the Ingredients page were set up. Embedded (play in screen) video for BBC, ITV and documentary appearances by their founder Anastasia were added to the Press page. I also set up Shopify markets for the US and UK audiences.

Check out this short video of the site or visit the store at in the US or in the UK