For this small project, we created a simple home page  for trade customers, a cocktail page and a Facebook page for Shooter & Cocktail brand MonkeyFace as per the customer’s instructions and specification on eKM along with some simple adverts for a year-round competition.

The challenge with this page was creating the page using eKM’s unique code specification and also making the page responsive particularly for mobile. A cocktail page was required and we went through several versions of this until the client was happy.

You can see this site at

Here are some of the rejected pieces


A short screencast of arcade game built during Udacity Nano degree

Play the game here:—P4/

See the code on Github here:—P4

Arcade Game

I had a lot of fun building this game and gave it to my kids to play which they enjoyed. I was able to add sound and actions which is something I had never been able to do before.