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A more complex project that required quite a bit of content. This website was created on WordPress using the ShopIsle theme  so that a blog, shop and directory could be created for the AfroDeity beauty brand. as much for this medium sized company this was a complete overhaul of their  brand and internet presence

Most notably in the addition of a product directory.

Welcome to Thornthwaite Design
Website Design and everything in between (including brand identity )

Hi my name is Alicia Thornthwaite and I recently changed career from a drug surveillance scientist to a freelance web developer.

I enjoy creating and designing WordPress (and Shopify) sites, that will enhance your business and include digital marketing services and would love to help you with your new project.

Spanish is my second language and I am learning Japanese.

Organised, Meticulous, Hardworking and Enthusiastic are just some of the words used to describe me.

Here some reviews from companies I have freelanced with on People Per Hour: